Our Journal

We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you on your journey! In our journal, we've put together a few things to help on your journey.

- Design Ideas -

Taking your home and making it your own may seem overwhelming for some. We are here to help provide some insight on where to start.

How to Create a Space You Can Thrive In
How to Create a Space You Can Thrive In Want to transform one of your rooms in your house but...
7 Questions to ask before choosing open shelving in a kitchen
Preston and I knew we wanted to have open shelving in our kitchen to make things more open, airy and...
How to Choose Curtains for Your Home
Design challenge When we moved to the ground floor of our Downtown Oakland apartment I knew I’d want some privacy...

- Design Project -

The NorCal

The NorCal is a project in Northern California near Mount Diablo in San Francisco's East Bay. This project required updating with a garage remodel to create a dreamy laundry room. It also included a patio design to extend the living space into the outdoors to take advantage of the great outdoor weather.

- Design Project -

The Grove

The Grove is a mid-century modern home built in 1964 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. It is 1650 sq ft across two levels. This project requires a complete renovation. This project is currently underway.

- Living Intentionally -

We are surrounded every day by many distractions and also an abundance of media inputs. We are here to help provide some tips to help remain grounded through all the noise.

Relationship Building - 4 Reasons Why A Positive Attitude Leads to Success
Throughout life, we are forced to adapt to change and overcome obstacles. These challenges and obstacles are what inevitably make...
Why Accountability is Your Most Valuable Asset
Over the past few months, I have been focused on growing myself personally and professionally. One huge theme that keeps...
How to Find Fulfillment in the Work You Do
I oftentimes wonder, what is it truly triggers the sense of contentment. What is it that pulls at the right strings inside...
Why Establishing Habits Ensures Long Term Success
Have you ever started the year with the best of intentions but seem to fall short a few weeks in?...
Being Okay With Okay - Why It Is Important to Move Past Perfection
I have battled with perfectionism my whole life. Whether in the my personal or professional life, I would consistently be disappointed...
Why Taking Time To Disconnect and Reset is Important
Although most people don’t like to admit it, feeling overwhelmed is normal. I find myself getting overwhelmed regularly while running at...

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