Our Story

Our hands are warm and the fresh smell of coffee is in the air. Even though it is still dark out, the coffee always makes these mornings better.

As we get out of our car, we are hit by the slightly cold but humid air. You can see lights from the port, which is full of shipping containers. You smell the ocean before you are hit by a chilling breeze. It’s always a bit windy this early in the morning. Cars start to pull in all around us in a frenzy. As we walk up to the line outside the gate, we are excited as the line isn’t too long yet this morning. The line can sometimes get pretty long before the event opens, even though it costs a bit more to be the first ones to arrive. Today, we are visiting the Alameda Point Antiques Faire, which is the largest antique faire in Northern California. The event brings in vendors from all over California, with some of the most unique items we’ve ever seen! It is rows and rows and rows of incredible finds! While attending this event on this specific day, we knew that this wouldn’t be our last time visiting the event. We were both in our element and spent hours looking through everything, always leaving with something.

Our passion for home design and decor grew out of this fascinating experience of discovering the unique items from the past. We started to plan our weekends around estate sales (Beehive Estate Sales was our favourite) and would spend our entire weekend driving from one estate sale to the next. Like the Antique Faire, lines would form before many of these estate sales would open and you would start to see many of the same friendly faces at these sales. These sales had us exploring many of the beautiful neighbourhoods in the East Bay. We would be inspired be all the unique homes and design choices and started to take notes, especially being that many of the homes were designed by Eichler. As we started to immerse ourselves more into this culture, we fell in love and saw this as a potential path for us. 

Our Mission

We believe a home is a place where you feel comfortable to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. It is a place where you feel at home and recharge and replenish. It is a place you create memories with your family and feel safe and supported. For us, our goal is to help you develop spaces that you can thrive in, one room at a time.

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Introducing Sap & Seedling

We see Sap & Seedling as a platform to help you live a more intentional life. We work with you to help create spaces and systems that will help you thrive in your home and work life.

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Getting to know us better

About Kristina

Kristina’s experience bridges industries. From her design work with Twitter & BetterUp to her leadership and personal development coaching practice, she thrives when pushing her skill sets into new industries. She believes ANYTHING can be designed when you have a set of values, boundaries, and access to your intuition to guide you. By leveraging her design and values-based thinking, she is able to ensure each touch point exceeds client expectations. In her free time, she loves teaching her daughter how to play the ukulele.

Getting to know us better

About Preston

Preston grew up working on renovation projects at his family cabin. Whether small weekend jobs or bigger jobs such as deck construction or digging out a septic tank, he loved working with his family improving upon the cabin and seeing the work come to life. This love for building has continued through the purchase of two homes - each requiring a different level of work. Beyond has remodelling and renovation projects, Preston loves to learn new things and is always pushing his knowledge by stepping outside his comfort zone. He has a strong passion for finding ways to live a more intentional life, using systems design as a way streamline his learning process.

Preston also produces video content for clients across North America. His work has taken him from the remote regions of Patagonia to the tribal villages of the Kalinga District in the Philippines.

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