Upcoming Workshops

Meet new people. Learn a new skill. Or just come and hang out.

Moss Art - 'Make and Take'

June 29th 5pm-8pm.

Price - Starting at $45

This 'make and take' workshop brings all the elements together to craft a beautiful moss wall art piece to take home. You can purchase up to three frames to complete during the workshop.  

Turmeric Dyeing - 'Make and Take'

August 6th 1pm-5pm.

Price: $40

Turmeric is a great plant based dye and creates a beautiful deep yellow colour. In this 'make and take' workshop, you will learn basic tie dye methods to make a unique pattern on your fabric using turmeric and other items found at home.

Harvest Pickling - 'Make and Take'

August 20th 2pm-5pm.

Price: $100

In this 'make and take' workshop, you will be able to pickle your favourite vegetables from Spring Creek Market Garden. The workshop includes everything you need to pickle six jars.

Concrete Home Decor - 'Make and Take'

September 24th 2pm-5pm.

Price: $80

In this 'make and take' workshop, you will be able to create unique concrete home decor items, such as bookends, candle holders, platters or bowls. You will be able to complete two full pours during the workshop.

Pumpkin Carving & Cider

October 29th 2pm-5pm.

Price: $40

In this fun 'make and take' workshop, you will be able to carve up your favourite pumpkin while enjoying cider. The workshop includes a variety of pumpkins to choose between as well as the tools needed to carve them.

Wreath Making - 'Make and Take'

November 23rd 5pm-8pm.

Price: $65

Bring a little holiday spirit into your life with this fun 'make and take' workshop. We will supply all the things you need to make a wreath for the holiday season.

Fizzy Bath Soak Mix - 'Make and Take'

December 7th 6pm-8pm.

Price: $40

In this 'make and take' workshop, we will show you how to make either a fizzy bath soak mix or bath bombs. We will supply the materials so you are able to leave with your own mixture to enjoy!

Past Workshops

Design Your Year (Virtual)

January 29th 2022

Join Kristina Frost, a certified Co-Active coach and designer in the well-being industry to craft your unique 2022 plan that's actionable and aligns with your core values. We'll start by thinking about the past year, then identify your core values, choose what areas of your life you want to focus on for 2022 and lastly we'll work to have actionable goals for each focus area for the year with some built in accountability from your fellow workshop attendees.