Why Taking Time To Disconnect and Reset is Important

Why Taking Time To Disconnect and Reset is Important


Although most people don’t like to admit it, feeling overwhelmed is normal. I find myself getting overwhelmed regularly while running at capacity. This usually happens when I have gone a long period without being able to take time for myself. Inherently, running a business sometimes means long hours and less sleep. However, no matter how busy you may feel that you are, it is important to take time for yourself to stay grounded, productive and creative.

By disconnecting, you are able to remove unhealthy feelings of jealousy, envy, and loneliness.

The impact of social media and the digital lifestyle has truly changed the way in which we interact with our environment and the people around us. For me, this was not more evident that on a recent trip I took to Patagonia where we profiled a recluse living in isolation. He has no access to internet and has met very few people. You could tell that he was content with his lifestyle and he doesn’t deal with feelings of jealousy, envy or loneliness as he has grown accustomed to his quiet lifestyle. The shoot really showed that by disconnecting, we were able to reground ourselves.

Powering-down combats the fear of missing out.

Simply turning your phone off and removing technology for even just a weekend, you are easily able to curb the feeling of missing out. In these situations you are usually replacing this time with your own unique experiences rather than living through other people this is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle and removing the fear of missing out.

Alone time is harder to find in an always-connected world.

I find that when I go long periods of time void of alone time, I struggle to truly stay grounded. Alone time is critical to becoming a well-rounded person with a clear set of goals and objectives you are able to drive towards. Without this alone time, I find that my anxiety levels are higher than when I have had a weekend alone to reground myself. I can’t recommend enough the importance and power of solo trips (or trips with family and friends) sans technology!

Live in the moment.

Don’t live for your coming weekend or holiday. Make the most of every moment you are in – even if it is work related. Refine your perspective on situations. We spend most of our lives working so finding ways to enjoy it is critical.

Powering-down promotes creation over consumption.

I find I sometimes get caught in the ‘scroll’ where you keep scrolling through timelines or photos. I find that by taking in my surroundings rather than living through a screen that I am able to be more creative and passionate about filming and embracing my surroundings verses letting it pass me by. I know it sounds obvious but sometimes I need the simple reminder ;).

_DSC8982 Over the past few weeks, I have taken a few small steps to ensure I am able to infuse my daily dose of ‘me’ time. Here is what I am doing:

Short Term

  1. Power-down for one period of time each day. Remove all tech for a portion of every work day. Take a 15 minute break to clear your head.
  2. Better manage the time-wasters. I’ve analyzed how I spend my work days. I’ve since refined my workflow by creating a structured schedule.
  3. Schedule social time. Being that a big portion of my business is tech / social based, I have scheduled specific times where I am free to create and ingest content.
  4. Take one extended break on a regular basis. I’ve started to do regular bike rides on local trails. Not only does this time allow me to reset but it also gets my active and gets me outside.
  5. Reset with sleep. I’ve established work hours. Because I work for myself, I find that I will work 24/7 unless I set boundaries. This allows me to reset my mind and start fresh everyday.
  6. Work smart not hard. Spend time on what matters. Figure out your short and long term business goals and set objectives every day, week and month. Schedule out how you want to spend your time and don’t forget to schedule in ‘me’ time!

Long Term

Over the long term, my commitment is to continue to get outside – whether it is through camping or ‘staycations’. For me, I am feel most relaxed when outdoors and I know how critical I need this in my life. My goal is to do this at least two weekends a month. By implementing these few simple things, I am able to focus on what’s truly important while being more productive instead of just ‘busy’. It has also showed me the importance of doing what is best for you, rather than what most pleases others.

Do you have a way to ensure you stay grounded and tech free? Would love to hear how others manage a tech-balanced lifestyle.

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