Wildwood Creek - Coastal Woods Candle

Wildwood Creek - Coastal Woods Candle

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Redwood, Oak Fern, Canadian Fir Balsam, Juniper Moss + Yuzu

Let your body and mind find comfort and recuperate surrounded by the warming and uplifting scents of western red cedar, balsam and ancient lichen moss. Lightened by delicate floral citrus notes that will ease your worries, help you find clarity while elevating you spirt and soul.


- 8.5 oz

- Burn time: Up to 50 hours

- Plant based coconut soy wax

- Clean burning lead-free cotton wicks

- Scented with organic essential oils and premium natural fragrances

- Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, petroleum free, eco-friendly

- Hand-poured in Nova Scotia

Made in Canada

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