Wildwood Creek - Woodland Botanical Mist

Wildwood Creek - Woodland Botanical Mist

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GROUNDING + CALMING - Wild Black Spruce - Cedar - Balsam

Immerse yourself in wild woodland forests and bathe in the aromas of grounding cedar, calming wild black spruce and spirit lifting balsam.  Body safe and Infused with hydrating and soothing floral waters and pure essential oils. Perfect as a face and body mist, to refresh linens or as a room spray.

INGREDIENTS: Cedar Leaf Floral Water* Witch Hazel Floral Water* Canadian Fir Balsam Essential Oil* Canadian Wild Black Spruce Essential Oil* Cedarwood Essential Oil* Sage Essential Oil* Vetiver Essential Oil*

*Organic / Field Grown and/or Wildcrafted

Made in Canada

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