Wildwood Creek - Tidal Body + Bath Oil

Wildwood Creek - Tidal Body + Bath Oil

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TOP SELLER - Lavender - Wild Mint

A blend of premium oils is solar infused with flowers and herbs to soothe, replenish and renew. Let this deeply nourishing elixir awakens your skin's natural radiance and vitality with cleansing lavender, skin loving hemp seed oil and hydrating wild mint.  Ideal for setting intentions, massage, daily meditation or to enhance your bath experience.

Vegan I Organic I Wildcrafted

INGREDIENTS: Extra Virgin Olive Oil* Sunflower Oil* Hemp Seed Oil Avocado Oil* Argan Oil* Field Grown Lavender Wildcrafted Wild Mint Lavender Essential Oil* Wild Mint Essential Oil* Bergamot Essential Oil Clary Sage Essential Oil Non-GMO Vitamin E

*Organic / Field Grown and/or Wildcrafted
Made in Canada

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