Tszuj Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

Tszuj Old Fashioned Infusion Kit

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Prepare to speak of leather-bound books and smell of rich mahogany. Or for the illusion of both. Either way, ready your tastebuds for delicious endeavours. Old Fashioneds (plural?) with a twist. OF 2.0.

Using anything but bourbon is sacrilege to some, but if you're considering an infusion, you're clearly progressive and the thought of adding soda to your whiskey drink doesn't seem so ridiculous; it's inventive and liberal!

PLAYS WELL WITH: bourbon, whiskey, rum, vodka

INGREDIENTS: orange, cherries, pecans, vanilla, demerera sugar

THE PROCESS: simply add 12oz of your favourite spirit (or boiled water for spirit-free goodness), shake (with the lid secured), and let sit in a cool spot for about 3 days give or take, tasting daily until the desired infusion and flavour has been achieved. Strain then enjoy, in that order.

Tell your friends wild, fabricated stories of your basement alchemy in preparing this tasty masterpiece!

Made in Canada

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