Moss Wall Art DIY Kit

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We love finding ways to bring nature indoors and after having seen Moss Art Installations, we knew this was something we wanted to have in our house. After many hours trying to bring together all the elements we needed to make our own, we realized how difficult it was to find the right pieces AND how incredibly expensive all the items were. As a result, we knew that this process needed to be easier and more approachable.

This DIY kit brings together all the elements needed to assemble a moss art project, outside of the glue gun! It provides a great afternoon of fun and looks great when completed! 

Please note that each kits contents will vary slightly as we are using a combination of elements from nature and artificial plants. Baskets and containers seen in the sample photos are not included.

Included: In-House Built Frame, moss, foam lifts, artificial plant and tree accessories.

Not Included: Glue Gun. We recommend working with a full size glue gun versus the smaller versions as the glue tends to flow slower in the small guns.

Custom Orders

If you would like to order a custom frame size, wood type or finish request outside of what is available, we are able to accommodate most of these requests. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know what your needs are and we will prepare a custom quote for you!

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