Gravelbourg Smokin&
Gravelbourg Smokin&
Gravelbourg Smokin&
Gravelbourg Smokin&
Gravelbourg Smokin&

Gravelbourg Smokin' BBQ Style Mustard

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We LOVE a good mustard with a charcuterie plate. Local to Saskatchewan, Gravelbourg mustard is one of our favourites we've come across in our travels and are excited to carry some of their products!

Smokin’ BBQ Gourmet Style Mustard

This boisterous, brawny BBQ mustard is bold, smokey and will do ALL the heavy lifting on the grill. This sauce is jam-packed with flavour and will make your grilled meats sing!

About Gravelbourg Mustard

Nearly 80% of Canadian mustards are grown and produced in Saskatchewan. Our local producers are known to be one of the world leaders for exporting mustard. Mustard seeds are rich in phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and dietary fibre; it can also be used as functional food ingredients to enhance health and wellness.

Gravelbourg Mustard was established in 2008. It is a locally operated business in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. Gravelbourg Mustard specialize in European style mustard sauces and has been utilizing locally grown and processed mustard products.

Val Michaud purchased Gravelbourg Mustard in June of 2011. With the passion for cooking and 25 years of experience as entrepreneurs, they are excited to expand their line of products and markets for these locally grown mustards and mustard sauces.

With unique popular flavours like German, French, Saskatoon, and Garlic; they have also recently added a few new flavours and recipes for you to enjoy.

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