Freba Pottery - Red Wine Glass
Freba Pottery - Red Wine Glass

Freba Pottery - Red Wine Glass

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Take your wine drinking to a new level with this cup designed to be seasoned over time!  The red wine stains the unglazed clay and over time builds up colour and flavour in the cup.  When you are done drinking and there is a wee bit of wine in the bottom you just can't get out, it will soak in and season your cup. 

You can wash the cup of course, but most people will just wipe off the lip.  There are four colours of lips, so you can have your favourite colour and someone else in your house can have their favourite colour.  You will know whose cup is whose!

About Freba Pottery

Freba Pottery is based near Wynyard, SK and has a very cool concept with her shop. It is based on the honour system!

The highway sign invites travellers to stop in and leave cash, cheques or send her e-transfers.  In January of 2019, she began offering subscription boxes and then that summer, a semi truck actually stopped out front and bought some pottery. With all 3 goals achieved she took the plunge and launched this website to begin taking online orders in 2020!

To check out more of her work, visit

Care Instructions

Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe. She recommends that you don't wash and let the wine stain the cups to create a unique look for the cup!

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