Freba Pottery - Ceramic Patio Cup
Freba Pottery - Ceramic Patio Cup

Freba Pottery - Ceramic Patio Cup

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This taller cup fits in one hand rather than the two handed tea tumbler.  Take this unique cup to the patio with your fancy drinks during those sweet summer days.  Cold ice tea, mocktails, or cocktails, london fogs, and chia lattes...  This will be the only cup you need come patio season.

Please note that each cup is unique as they are hand made one of a kind items!

About Freba Pottery

Freba Pottery is based near Wynyard, SK and has a very cool concept with her shop. It is based on the honour system!

The highway sign invites travellers to stop in and leave cash, cheques or send her e-transfers.  In January of 2019, she began offering subscription boxes and then that summer, a semi truck actually stopped out front and bought some pottery. With all 3 goals achieved she took the plunge and launched this website to begin taking online orders in 2020!

To check out more of her work, visit

Care Instructions

Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe.

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