For The Tea Lover
For The Tea Lover

For The Tea Lover

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We think you will love our Ready-To-Ship Gifts! They combine some of our favourite items from our shop to create an all-in-one pack to get you started. This Ready-To-Ship Gift For the Tea Lover includes:

+ Lake & Oak Super Green

This tea was designed to keep you going (and glowing) all day, with free-radical scavenger green tea, Japanese matcha, and adaptogenic moringa leaf. Refreshing lemongrass and lemon myrtle bring balance to every energizing and detoxifying sip.

+ Lake & Oak Chaga Coconut Chai

The chai with it’s own fan club. This comforting blend is rockin’ chaga mushrooms, tulsi and ginger, for a sip that’s pleasantly spicy and sweet. Rooibos makes it a natural caffeine-free dream, great for mellowing out at any time of day.

+ Vintage Mug

We love this vintage mug! It has equal parts charm and function. This one was made in Taiwan.

+ 20 Tea Satchels 

These filters work great, especially when you are on the go! Although they are listed as Tea Filters, we tested with coffee and they work great when you are in a pinch too. Simply put your grinds in the bag and hold it above your cup and pour your hot water through the top of the bag as you hold it!

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