For the Charcuterie Lover
For the Charcuterie Lover

For the Charcuterie Lover

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We think you will love our Ready-To-Ship Gifts! They combine some of our favourite items from our shop to create an all-in-one pack to get you started. This Ready-To-Ship Gift For the Charcuterie Lover includes:

+ Acacia Wood Board

This board is perfect for serving or cutting. It is a natural unfinished wood. Hand-wash recommended to ensure it does not warp. Warm water only.

+ On Boards Book

Looking for a bit of inspiration with your charcuterie platters? This book is definitely suited to get you started! Each page is mouth-watering!

+ Gravelbourg Cajun Style Mustard

We LOVE a good mustard with a charcuterie plate. Local to Saskatchewan, Gravelbourg mustard is one of our favourites we've come across in our travels and are excited to carry some of their products!

This bold mustard has the perfect blend of Southern Cajun spices that’ll give you a big kick right in the kisser! Great for adding flair to soups, chilis and sauces.

+ Provisions Red Pepper Jelly

Provision's Red Pepper Jelly perfectly balances the sweetness of ripe red peppers with the zesty heat of Scotch Bonnet Peppers. Pair with cream cheese and crackers for an easy, delicious appetizer. Serve with a full-bodied Pinot Noir or Cabernet Franc.

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