Coco Village Narwhal Plush

Coco Village Narwhal Plush

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NARWIN, this cute Narwhal, or as some may call it unicorn of the sea (that's kind of cool right?) is a fan favorite. Apparently, its horn is magical...but did you know that it is actually just a big tooth!?

Crazy, right? 

Made of delicate cotton and linen, this gorgeous plush is cute, soft and comforting. As a squishable friend or simply a decorative accent piece, it will fit perfectly in any little one's room. Not only will it add a little something to their rooms, but it will also be a friend to hold tight once bedtime comes around.

You won’t need your swimming trunks to dive into our BALTIK collection! 

The ocean in itself is a magical universe, with its lively coloured corrals and under water wildlife.

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