Ceramic Container with Cork Lid
Ceramic Container with Cork Lid

Ceramic Container with Cork Lid

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When we stumbled upon this gem, we knew it was the perfect addition for your kitchen. If you are a fan of popcorn, this container is a great way to store your popcorn seeds. It looks charming and adds a bit of joy every time you see it. It is hand-crafted and you can tell with the typography on the front of the container.

Our Favourite Way to Make Popcorn

We prefer to make popcorn on the stove versus the microwave packs. Its very simple too! For us, we pour a 1/4" base layer of Three Farmer's Camelina Oil in the bottom of the pot and put in as much popcorn as you want (we usually put in about 1/2 cup of seeds. Put the lid on the pot and wait for the first pop. Then, slowly agitate the pot until the popping slows and you are done! Add your favourite seasoning and enjoy.


6 1/2" height x 5.5" base x 4" opening.

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