20X20 Hand Woven Baz Pillow Grey

20X20 Hand Woven Baz Pillow Grey

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Unique and bold pattern in neutral grays make the Baz Pillow the perfect base pillow for layering. Woven check and stripe patterns and fugga dori accents add texture and interest to the neutral palette. Hand woven by artisans in India.

20” size is perfect base for layering with smaller pillows or for use as a solo statement pillow. Spot clean only.

A grey color palette and unique pattern make this a transitional pillow between decor styles.

Woven check, stripe and stepped patterns with fugga dori accents.

These textiles are handwoven and handcrafted in India. Hand-loomed by artisans using techniques passed down through generations.

Each of Foreside's textiles are touched by hand, giving a quality craftsmanship that shows. Not only are they intricately handloomed, but most of the attachments such as fringe, tassels, braiding, and poms are attached by hand.

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