Own Your Life: Why Taking Control is Important

Own Your Life: Why Taking Control is Important

Life as a freelancer and / or business owner poses many challenges but also a unique lifestyle to go with it. Sometimes it can be very alienating and oftentimes lonely but other times, it offers the complete opposite. It can be one of the most fulfilling things to be apart of. For me, this journey has been extremely fulfilling and I wake up virtually every morning motivated to take on the day. One of the biggest challenges however, is navigating through opportunity and realizing what is an actual opportunity and what is a distraction. 

Own your happiness

Going into any situation, it is important to approach it with a positive attitude and take obstacles and challenges with a grain of salt. Every situation will pose challenges at some point and it is key to stay positive through them. Whether you are going into a situation that you are in control of or a situation you have no control of, it is key to go in with an open mind and understanding that things may not roll out as you expect them to. Being open to adaptation is critical to avoid disappointment. Beyond this, positivity and / or negativity easily rubs off on the people around you so by focusing on the good, you are able to elevate the experience for all.

On a trip I took to Patagonia, I let this attitude slip and I faced a personal breaking point. The day in question was a tough day. We had spent the previous three days on horseback in the rain riding towards our subject we were planning to film. We were tired, we were wet and we had no food or water. I was ready to call it quits. However, because we were in the middle of nowhere, we were forced to push forward and make the best of the situation.

Once I was able to take a step back and look at the situation as a whole, I was able to re-focus on my core objectives of the trip and make the best of it. Through this, I realized that I was vulnerable and had a lot to learn about myself. 

Challenge your trajectory

Challenging not only who you think you are but also holding yourself accountable will allow you to do a self-check and focus on what is important. For me, continually assessing and re-assessing allows me to adapt to change. That being said, it is key that you don’t use this as a way to establish disappointment as a common. Use these self-checks as a way to judge if you are heading in the right direction and living the fulfilled life you want. I would normally talk about the importance of a 10 year plan here but sometimes, a 10 year plan isn’t relevant ;). Rather, ensure that you focus on the small victories.

Enjoy the journey – don’t delay happiness

Don’t stress the little things. I find myself always on this quest to ensure everything is planned to the ‘T’ and does not stray from this plan. When a difficult time or decision comes along, a good rule of thumb is to not overreact and sleep on it if you are able to. Coming in with a clear head is key to ensure you do not overreact in a situation. With this it is also key to focus on the small victories and realize there is joy in the process. Leave room for adaptation and be open to change.

A short break while making our way through the mountains in Patagonia. Photo by Pawel Dwulit.

If you don’t see yourself as valuable no one else will

Your self worth is one of the most important parts of all this. For me, I oftentimes find myself lacking the confidence I need when I'm overcome with imposters syndrome. I've come to learn this is common and try my hardest to know I'm not alone.

Make every relationship count

I’ve always struggled with the work-life balance. What finally was my tipping point was being in the position of only producing corporate work where I was simply a ‘yes’ man. I began to question why I was doing what I was doing and struggled with understanding the position I was in. Through this process however, these opportunities allowed me to take a step back and analyze what got me to where I was and way I was in this position. I was able to see how work had overcome what was truly important in my life and that was family and friends.

Balance work with play

Following up on the previous point, it is key that you find a balance between work and play. Set boundaries and stick to them. By placing time limits on things and scheduling personal time, you will be able to not only be happier but you will also be more productive. Without these times to take a step back and understand what is important, you will never be able to shed the ‘grass is greener’ mentality. For me, this past year has truly been my focus. I’ve tried to focus on this as much as possible and have a better understand what is important to me. Yes, it does mean taking huge risks but with risks come big rewards.

She said yes.
She said yes over Mac & Cheese.

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