The Grove Project

The Grove Project

The Grove is a mid-century modern home built in 1964 in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. It is 1650 sq ft across two levels. This project requires a complete renovation. This project is currently underway.

The Grove - Mudroom (Work in Progress)

When walking into The Grove originally, you were greeted by a rock wall and walls on either side. It was smothering and not the feel one would want when entering a house. Our first design was to knock all walls down and build up a small closet for holding jackets and shoes. the goal was to still offer a place to drop clothes but use the backside as a built in library area. The desire was to have a grand library area but at the cost of a proper mudroom. After some time living in the space, it because clear that a proper mudroom was needed. Iteration two took into consideration how the space had been used and took advantage of unused space to build in a proper mudroom area.

The Grove - Kitchen (Work in Progress)

The original kitchen was very closed in and the goal was to create an open flow kitchen connected to the living room. The additional asks were for open shelving and to do so, we looked to integrate a pantry and butler station so that the lost real estate could be made up in a most effective manor than uppers.

The Grove - Hallway Extension (Work in Progress)

The original hallway was very dark and dingy. It was not welcoming and closed off half the house. The goal was to repurpose space from other rooms to more effectively use the space. We were able to add a window but simply restructuring closets in bedrooms.

The Grove - Dining Room (Work in Progress)

The original dining room was separate from all spaces and off to the side. With the new design, the dining room would be at the centre of the house and ground everything.

The Grove - Bathroom (Work in Progress)

The original bathroom was very outdated and shared a bathtub with the master bedroom. The goal of the renovation was to close off the bathrooms and have an independent bathtub for the guest bathroom.

The Grove - Laundry Room (Work in Progress)

The original layout was very stripped down and not the most desirable place to do laundry. Our goal was to create a space that made you want to spend time in. Additionally, storage was another element to consider so we built custom shelving to fill in the space.